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"Thank You"
We would like to wish everyone a 
"Blessed New Year"
           I would personally like to thank all who took the time to visit our website.
           Due to your response our website is approaching 3000 visitors.
           As this will soon be reached I would like to have a special promotion
           to show our thanks.
   If you could take a minute and visit the feedback page and leave suggestions
           we would greatly appreciate it.
* Update *
We made it...3000+ visitors & 15000+ page views
 Thanks again for helping us achieve these goals, we couldn't have done it without you.
 When I decided to set-up a website I never imagined it would have this type of results.
 Special promotion is here!!!! See our "New for 2015" page.
  I've updated the website reflecting a few changes... still to come we will be adding           factory type windows and accessories including metal towers and hog traps.    
Thanks for visiting and God Bless always.
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